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New England S2000 Owners is a car enthusiast group comprised of S2000 owners, previous owners, and enthusiasts in the New England area. NES2KO, has hosted events that have been organized by itís members, sponsored events hosted by the S2000 community. We have in the past had sponsorship from local Honda dealers. NES2KO has discount programs with local companies that cater to the S2000.

NES2KO has a lot of potential and items to grow the club that have been started, but just havenít gotten off the ground. Why? There are a number of reasons why, but to look towards the future, the enthusiasm and support is needed.

With all of the new S2000 owners that have found the New England forum recently, and quite a few of previous S2000 owners returning backÖ NES2KO is interested in individuals becoming involved with growing the club.

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